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No Man’s Sky Is Upon Us

No Man's Sky, Sean Murray, YouTuberReview, Space, PokemonGo

Perhaps you think you’ve lost your gamer friends and compatriots to PokemonGO, the revolutionary mobile meme that creates the perverse incentive for the recluse gamer to venture outside the confines of his gaming cave. Spelunking through the local drainage ditch, public park/heroin enclave and mafia burial ground is adventure incarnate, to be sure. But this adventure is so terrestrial, so ...

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No Man’s Sky – God is a Mildly Autistic Irishman

Sean Murray, No Man's Sky, IGN

For cosmologists, the universe is approximately 12 to 14 billion years old. For the next generation of sci fi gamers, it may be said that their Big Bang occurred in late 2013 when Hello Games announced the genesis of a for-all-intents-and-purposes limitless galactic exploration game — No Man’s Sky. The LP’er in this segment is IGN Babe in the Woods ...

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